Selling on Amazon, the steps I went through

When I set up a small sellers account on Amazon for the first time - these were the steps I took

  • Go to
  • Make sure you have an Amazon account – this will include your contact details and also bank account or credit card details – to which payments are made
  • Go to bottom of page ñ Look for link “Selling on Amazon”
  • Click on Link ñ Two options appear – “Sell a Little” and “Sell a Lot” – with different pricing strategies
  • I suggest first going to “Sell a Little” by clicking on the “Start Selling” button
  • You now have the option of finding item to sell (so must be an ISBN book for example)
  • Once item found, click “Start Selling”
  • This brings up book options, including the book I wanted to sell
  • I then clicked on “Start selling” next to the correct book title
  • On to new page
  • Select condition of product from drop down list
  • Add comments on condition if required
  • Continue
  • Option to add your price – make sure you do not exceed RRP. Remember that there are costs to be deducted = 86p + 17.5% or price charged
  • Include quantity
  • Then determine what shipping methods you will use (Domestic only, Express delivery & International)
  • Continue
  • You get to “Review and sell your product” page
  • Check details as these include: Amazon's fees; Postage charge made to buyer; VAT on Amazon's fees; Total you receive if item sold. Though these figures may differ, depending on final delivery address
  • Once you are happy, submit your listing
  • You are taken to a congratulations page, giving details of your product listing and also access to your seller account
  • An e-mail is sent to you informing you of the new item added
  • The item is then updated online and you can go directly to the page
  • I uploaded an image by clicking on the selection “Share your customer image here”
  • Now await Amazon notification of order! 

Note that Amazon Advantage is a separate service where you pay Amazon to sell the books for you. You need to send them a set number of copies which they then dispatch and collect payment for.