QR Codes for the creative business person

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A well illustrated and accessible compendium of information and links on QR Codes for the creative business person. With your mobile phone, this is transformed into a web enabled book with 100+ additional informative web pages by the sources linked to

QR Codes on your items or products can link your customers directly to information or online through their mobile phones. They are a fantastic tool for your business.

If you want to understand what QR Codes are; if you want to use QR Codes but do not know how; if you want a QR Code that is more imaginative than a stark black box for marketing campaigns - then this book is for you.

The book assumes no prior knowledge. It aims to introduce you to the basics of QR Codes. You learn why people use them. More importantly you are shown how to read and create your own QR Codes. You can then choose how to use QR Codes, whether for your contact details, information or promotions.

I am Chris Thomas, Director of Milton Contact Ltd. The company helps businesses communicate in print, pictures and person, in the UK and internationally. Business people are creative. I wrote this book to share the knowledge gained on using QR Codes creatively so that you can too.


The book is now available on Kindle at ~£1.49, click here.


QR Codes for the creative business person is a full colour, 108 page A5 book, containing 100+ unique QR Codes in 100 illustrations, of which 11 are photographs and 13 are graphics. Some of the QR Codes contain hidden text, most provide links to relevant websites, extending the book by a large number of articles and information by the sources referred to.
Short links are also provided for those reading the book with a PC/Mac/Laptop/Notebook or tablet at hand who cannot imediately acces the QR Code encoded links with their mobile.

This book introduces you to QR Codes from the perspective of a business person, rather than a technical geek.

The aim is to provide you with as little or as much information as you need to make a decision about whether and how you can use QR Codes within your business. It also points the way to using QR Codes more imaginatively, both in applications and design.

The overall structure of the book starts with basic concepts and enough information to get started. Further examples and additional information follow with the highly technical information at the end.

However, the structure is also such that you can dip in to chapters that interest you at the moment.

The content or link of each QR code is also given in for reference in the back of the book. Each QR Code has been modified creatively.

The Contents are:

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements 1
  • Introduction 7
  • QR Code Basics 9
    • What is a QR Code? 9
    • The benefits of a QR Code 10
    • How do I read a QR Code? 13
      • What do I need to read a QR Code? 13
      • Installing a QR Code reader 14
      • How do I use my mobile phone to read a QR Code? 16
    • How do I create a QR Code? 17
    • How do I use a QR Code? 21
    • Risks with QR Codes 22
  • QR Codes for your business 23
    • How others have used QR Codes 23
      • Business cards 23
      • Direction to website 24
      • Testing your marketing 27
      • Enabling purchasing 28
      • Adding customer value 31
      • Educating customers in product use 32
      • Stocktaking 33
      • Ticketing 34
    • Missed Opportunities ? 37
    • What can YOU use a QR Code for? 41
      • Existing uses summarised (the list is not exclusive): 41
      • Future applications: 42
    • Static QR Codes 43
    • Dynamic QR Codes 43
    • Augmented Reality (AR) QR Codes 45
  • Your customers and QR Codes 48
    • Customer awareness 48
    • Customer education 49
    • Customer accessibility 50
      • Avoid additional barriers to use 50
      • Use mobile friendly sites 51
    • Customer benefits 53
  • Making your QR Code attractive 55
    • Why bother? 55
    • What you CAN do to QR Codes 57
      • Change colour 57
      • Inverted colours – some readers only 58
      • Soften corners 58
      • Add perspective 60
      • Overlay on designs 63
      • Partially cover 63
      • Blending into a larger pattern 65
      • Imaginative play 66
    • Changes in QR Code that DO NOT work 70
    • Additional reading online: 70
  • How to modify your QR Code 71
    • Encouragement and reassurance 71
    • Your own art 72
    • The format of QR Codes 75
    • Using Photo-software 75
    • Using Graphics software 79
    • From Sandcastles to LEGO 80
  • Technical aspects 82
    • QR Code specifications 82
      • Sources for specifications 82
      • Key areas on a QR Code 82
      • Optimum QR Code size 84
    • QR Code IP and Standards 86
      • QR Code Patents 89
      • QR Code Registered Trademark 87
      • QR Code ISO Standard 89
  • Conclusion 90
  • Glossary 92
  • Illustrations and Links 93


The book is now available on Kindle at £2.02, click here.

Publishers information

ISBN: 9780956264992
Title: QR Codes
Sub Title: For the Creative Business Person
Format: Paperback
Published: 20/02/2012
Author: Thomas, Chris
Availability: Published
Price: 16.00
Publisher Milton Contact Limited
Distributor Milton Contact Limited
Primary Publisher BIC: UB - Information technology: general issues
Supplementary Publisher BIC: KJD - Business innovation
Dimensions: 210 x 148
Spine: 7
Pages: 110
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