Understanding and Using the Light Microscope

Microscopy book coverSince I published my book, Understanding and Using the Light Microscope, I have been asked numerous questions about microscopes and their use.  Much of this information will hopefully follow in later publications, but in the meantime, I have decided to share these questions and the answers here on the website and in my blog.

Book and Videos

To find out more about our book and supporting videos, Understanding and Using the Light Microscope, please follow the link: http://miltoncontact.co.uk/usingthemicroscope

Q & A

The questions raised so far are listed below and each is followed by a link to the answer in my blog. If you have a question that hasn't already been asked, please contact Chris at Chris@miltoncontact.com

Mouth cell with bacteriaQ: Do you have a preferred method of focusing on finding the focal plane of micro-biologic specimens when you can’t ‘see’ the specimen with the naked eye?  Do you prefer to begin by focusing on the upper surface of the microscope slide or lettering for instance?

A: http://goo.gl/snVw8l


lily flower TSQ: Do you have a preferred method/pattern for ‘scanning’ the fields of a microscope slide?  I have seen numerous patterns listed, but (like a telescope I imagine) moving the stage is counter-intuitive to what my brain wants to do when I move the image while viewing it through the objective.  Any tips?

A: http://goo.gl/6KLzAJ