My cookie policy - giving YOU the choice

What the cookies on my website are for

Cookies are small pieces of code that can be downloaded onto your device when you visit a webpage. YOU now have the right to choose by law, whether to accept them or not :-)

My websites

use cookies for four different activities:

  1. Web analytics - solely for me to determine how many people and when are visiting my websites. This way I learn what works with my web site and what not.
  2. Allowing secure purchases via third parties such as Amazon.
  3. Easy use of social media links and buttons such as for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin
  4. Secure registration of subscribers to my e-mail newsletters via Aweber

The sites will work to some extent without cookies enabled. YOU can choose whether to have them enabled or not on my website.

Personal statement:

The EU Cookie law was introduced in 2011 to give web users back control over their personal data. ALL EU based companies are required to give visitors to their sites the choice of whether to accept cookies or not by law from 26th May 2012.

I am delighted to be amongst the first set of companies to comply because we all have the right to control access to our computers and make our own decisions.

What's more, You have a real choice - you can opt-in or opt-out of accepting cookies from my web pages at the click of a button.

IF you are not given a similar choice when visiting OTHER web sites, this could be for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You already have their cookies on your device
  • They do not give you the choice, though either ignorance, deliberately or because they are not based in the EU
  • They assume implied consent if you continue to visit their site (look out for message banners to this effect at top of screen)
  • A site will not come up when you click on its link - instead you receive a message telling you that you must enable cookies for the site to function (many social media sites had this message at 30th May 1012)

Useful link for more information if you are interested

Updated advice on the privacy directive - EU Cookie law - from the ICO :

How to check for cookies and change your cookie settings on: