One Small Dog: A dachshund, a sketchbook, a malady - or what one small dog and art can do

Cover One Small DogJoss Goodchild is an artist with a passion for the countryside and its wildlife, dogs and horses.

When a rare and devastating disease quite literally knocked Joss off her feet in 2018, she could not have forseen how long her recovery would take.

Undertaking a simple sketch or watercolour of her dachshund became her one attainable daily task and this book details the succour a small dog and art can bring to a chronic situation. It is beautifully illustrated throughout with Joss's sketches and watercolours of her adorable four year old smooth haired dachshund, Little Fen.

Hardback, 64 pages, Fully illustrated

RRP: £24

ISBN: 978-1-911526-31-5

To order a copy directly from the author at £20 plus P&P, please email Joss at