Agama said Yes! A traditional African tale for young children.

Cover for Agama said yesAgama is a cheeky lizard, getting into all sorts of trouble! In this traditional African story we learn how Agama got his red head and why he always nods his head to say yes after meeting the kindly tortoise on a mission of mercy. A positive tale of friendship and helping others.

A story that can be read aloud, with the listener joining in with all the animal sounds, or for young readers to discover for themselves.

Nkoli Rowley remembers the wonderful tales from her childhood, rooted in the Nigerian story-telling family tradition. In turn, Nkoli has passed these stories on to her children and was inspired to share them with a wider audience.

Nkoli and her family live in the beautiful Cambridgeshire town of St Ives.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-18-6

RRP: £7.00

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Agama said Yes! will also be available as a Kindle book from Amazon.

ISBN: 978-1-911526-19-3