Visitors comments on 2010 Cambridge Open Studios exhibition

From Cambridge Open Studios 2010

Here are the comments left in the Visitors Book for my 2010 Cambridge Open Studio

PM Very interesting and great fun!!!

GW&PW Brilliant! Very exciting!

GH-M & MP Very interesting, Thank you
CW Wonderful images
CP Very intriguing and a fabulous way of looking at things in a different way! Thanks so much!
GA Great to see you
Enjoyed the 3D. :-)
ED Lovely close-ups!
BB Excellent - inspiring
AB Fascinating images
GP Inspirational!
KW Breath taking, amazing! Thanks for all the help.
KT Great fun!
S&F C very exciting images.
SH Very interesting! I liked the 3D images!
BS Thanks very much! Very interesting, lovely images and presented vey well.
AS I think that it is very interesting how create different textures by magnifying existing ones. It is a great help tp me for my homework :-)
VH Very interesting an very original
ED A whole new world - wonderful and thank you for your explanation
RC High standards as ever, science meet art.
SW Very unusual - and very original
KB magnificent
CG Beautiful and really interesting
FR Wonderful & refreshingly different
Fantastic - QR really works!
PH Fascinating and yave a small micoscope fan for life...! Thank you.
IC Great pictures, relly enjoyed the prints!
BR Really interesting
SB Some lovely work and great to have "hands-on" activities
JP Absolutely fascinating! Thank you.
ET Very Interesting and imaginative
Interesting conversation on phages, blogging etc. - but sad not to see 3D due to mismatched eyes
LB Very interesting photos - excellent close work and thanks for positive advice!
S&F G V. interesting, especially the microscope!
JS The microscope is extremely interesting.
LJ Very Interesting!!
PM QR codes - as a science teacher, I'm now thinking how to incorporate these!
CD Awesome, love the butterfly scales and Tree of heaven wood.
MS Portrait :-) and thanks; I love the detail in your work
J&A S Vivid and engaging, thought provoking. Thanks! Great Work!


"Interesting" appears to be the most popular description, obviously one that can be taken both ways! From the discussions with visitors, I personally felt that most of the "interesting" were positive :-)

Judge for yourself by visiting the images in the Open Studios collection.